Most probably you are aware that medical devices are subject to national / regional regulatory requirements which have to be fulfilled before medical devices can lawfully be made available or placed on a market.

Therefore, Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.(KND) wants to take the opportunity to reiterate that some medical devices presented in this webinar may not be registered in your country yet, or due to regulatory reasons are no longer registered in your country. ​
To get the most current information about availability in your country, it is important that you contact your local our distributor. If you need further guidance, please contact your KND customer service.

  1. Some of the medical devices (hereinafter called “Products”) presented during this webinar may contain information on medical applications which are not approved in your country.
  2. When using KND products, please follow the Instructions for Use and other product information that is provided for the devices purchased in your country.
  3. The responsibility to use devices similar but non-KND products for the same indication as presented in this webinar remains with the user. KND can’t be made liable for such situations.
  4. For marketing purposes it is possible that KND presents products, e.g. during a congress, which are not approved yet in the respective country.
    Corresponding information is displayed in such a case.
    The products presented in this educational lecture are approved in the following countries / regions: United States; Germany; Italy; Spain; Benelux and France.

Registration status is subject to changes, as regulatory requirements are evolving. Each user has to ensure, to use only products which are lawfully placed on their market.
In case of doubt, please contact your local distributor or KND directly.

Before using each product, read carefully the Instructions for Use supplied with the product for full details and workflows.

“KATANA” and “CERABIEN” are trademarks of NORITAKE CO., LIMITED